Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I would post some pictures, but my memory card is full, and I don't know how to dump it with the software on my new laptop. I've got a call into our IT department (read Hubby) but you'll just have to wait.

In the meantime I need to tell you about cool stuff happening around here. You'll need a little background info.

When we got married we were dirt poor living in an affluent area. We would literally scrounged up change from the cracks in the upholstery of our car and then use a "buy one get one free" coupon for ice cream cones. We'd pay for our cones in nickles and penniess and quarters and coupons. And that was a splurge.

Anyway, until the very recent past we have been living pretty lean, but Hubby has developed this discipline of generosity. We give more than we can comfortably afford. We always have - as a matter of principle. I can take no credit for this; it's all Hubby. And I have to admit that over the years it has been one of the biggest "faith builders" in my life. It's scary to let go of what appears to be financial security and trust that my needs will be met. But over and over again they have been. Not only are my needs met but we've also been blessed with extravagance we could never afford. And I am learning to trust.

So as part of the process of learning to trust I developed a habit of praying over my wish-list. There are always things I cannot afford, or do not feel the freedom to spend money on. So I pray.

Recently, I've been wanting our basement finished (at least 1/2 of it) so I can use it as a school room. I need a place where I can teach and baby is contained and safe. The basement would be perfect. BUT I didn't feel we should spend money on finishing our basement now. So I started to pray that Hubby would find the building materials we need left over on the projects he runs. Almost immediately, Hubby found 6 very nice incandescent lights headed for the dumpster. And just this week he's picked up studs for framing and drywall. He's going to be working our school room this weekend. And it will be almost without cost. Cool huh?

Here are some of my other prayed for blessings:
-patio furniture (a teak set worth 5K - FREE)
-a walk out basement
-someone to help us remove concrete caissons from our back yard (don't ask - it wasn't pretty)
-vacation (a weekend in the Mayan Rivera at a 5 star resort, was more than I expected, but what I got)

I am not trying to that God is like a big vending machine in the sky. He isn't. But he is good and he does give good gifts.

I cannot answer why some people get laid-off, and some people don't have enough for dinner tonight. I cannot say why we have enjoyed so much when other do not. But I do know that that dry wall and those steel studs were a bit of unmerited favor from the one who heard my prayer.

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Karen said...

I just realized tomorrow is your day! Finally! Woo Hoo! God is good!

BTW, I get J to take the Omega-3's because he swallows capsules. And I explained the whole "why" to M, so she's willing to take the liquid even though she doesn't like it. She gets a bite of something yummy ready, swallows her spoonful, and gets rid of that "great taste" as quickly as possible. Thanks for the flour suggestions today, too.