Tuesday, July 22, 2008

fat weight

I have 2 weights: my fat weight, and my skinny weight. Currently, I am camped out at the high end of my fat weight. I actually had to buy new shorts this year b/c my old ones where too tight in all the wrong places.

I can blame it on lots of things: the stress of this last year, my medication, getting older... and probably they are all sort of true.

But the obnoxious REAL truth is that I'm at my fat weight because I ate too much. I consumed more calories than I spent, and the end result is is this unattractive chub.

Sadly, the only remedy to this problem is dieting. I don't like dieting. I prefer brownies. I don't like salad with a sprinkling of balsamic vinegar; I'd prefer the ranch dressing.

But excess pounds do translate into health problems. And excess pounds are, at least in my life, usually a symptom of self-indulgence - the not pretty kind.

So it looks like its grilled veggies and sugar free popsicles for me. With any luck I should be at my skinny weight right around the time Christmas cookies are being baked.


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McHam Family said...

Oh yuck I'm sorry! I'm sure you look fabulous as always but I know how it feels to not feel your best. Good luck!