Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I love spring.

It's this time of year that my kids' jeans start looking like high-waters, and get holes in the knees. It's this time of year when I go to buy my kids sandals and discover that their toes have been crammed up against the ends of their tennis shoes for weeks. They're growing like proverbial weeds. I sit on the couch reading with my daughter, who in Septemeber just knew her letter sounds, and I am reminded how the seasons fly by.

Several years ago my mom, dad, sisters and I leased a plot in a community garden. By August we had zuchinni coming out our ears. And I was utterly amazed to see that the seeds we planted in May actually grew. I was dumbstruck that 1 little seed could produce countless summer squash. It's miraculous. My previous experience with aquiring produce had been limited to the outside isles of the supermarket; this was uncharted territory. But I was hooked. Now I've got a flower bed and a vegetable garden of my own. And I am still amazed that planting seeds works.

So welcome to our spring...

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