Monday, May 19, 2008

Do you ever have the feeling that the thing you are about to write isn't gonna be very good, but you have to write it anyway?

Consider yourself warned....

Today was Baby's Formal Presentation. She had a piano recital. Okay, not really. Baby's worker presented all the medical and family history the county has access to. We had a chance to look over all the records. (It took 3 hours; there was a lot). Much of the information we already had access to, or had been told about. But this time we got the whole story, all in one sitting. It was a little overwhelming, really. I came away from the meeting with 2 thoughts. A) I have had such a sheltered, easy life. B) Baby would not have survived infancy if she had been left with her family of origin. And that one, point "B", is disturbing.

I really, really have no concept of how terrible life can get, how hopeless, and chaotic, and desperate a situation can become. But there are people who live it everyday.



In our country.

In our state, only miles away.

And the cruddy thing is that there is a terrible cycle to it. Poverty. Addiction. Illness. Crappy Parenting. No education. REPEAT. And generations suffer.

I hear Baby's story, or Zeke's, or Micayla's, or Ryan's, or Elizabeth's, and I cannot help but wonder why we don't do more to rescue children from the fields of the fatherless. They are priceless treasures. They are worth our very lives, worth Jesus'. Can we not be like Him, and lay down our lives for the least of these.

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