Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers' Day

Today was perfectly delightful.
-I woke up to breakfast in bed (hot coffee, a shrimp omlette, fruit salad and the plate was even garnished with cilantro). Yum.
-I stayed in bed until 10 AM - I probably haven't done that since college.
-We took the kids to the Orchards and had the kids "Build a Bear" for Abby for her birthday. The bear is actually a stuffed puppy - it's so soft and Abby loves it. The kids are quite proud of themselves.
-I sat on the front porch enjoying my flower bed and chatting with my amazing husband.
-We grilled these amazing burgers (with goat cheese) for dinner. We also grilled asparagus and munched on potato chips. Hubby bought some GF beer. I haven't had a beer in years; it was delicious. I sqeezed half a lime in mine - just the way I like it.
-Hubby put up the hammock in the back yard and I watched the Aspen leaves dance in the wind while my sweet husband got the kids in bed.

Today was a sweet.

On the other side of the world tonight two of my friends are waiting to meet their little girls. They are in China, and today is the day that all that paperwork will pay off. Two little girls who didn't have mommies have mommies today.

Last year on Mother's Day Baby was born, and two days later she came home.

Mother's Day is a good thing....

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