Monday, May 4, 2009

True (food related) Confessions

-I love diet pop. The chemicals make it taste better.

-I cheated on my GF diet and ate a piping hot sopapilla - I got a stomache, and it was SO worth it. Mmmm...

-Jelly beans, Peeps, and gumdrops are the grossest candys on the planet.

-I actually like tofu, and try to sneak it into foods when my husband isn't looking.

-I am a coffee snob, but will drink any red wine with chocolate.

-I never follow recipes. Ever. Ever.

-Celery and acorn squash are disgusting. Oh, they taste fine, but there texture grosses me out.

-Sometimes I can't eat yogurt because the thought of all those pro-biotics swimming makes me feel queezy.

-I ate an unseemly amount of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers while pregnant with my daughter. Even now they have a special place in my heart.

-I HEART zucchini from my garden. Like a lot. Seriously, I eat pound of zuchs every week when they're ready for harvest.

-I hate the taste of freezer burn.

-When I eat raw onion my breath is terrible for like a week.

Okay, 'fess up. What are your food weirdnesses?

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Ed said...

some of my favorite foods:

Meat Dish: Meat Loaf
Candy: Gummy Bears
Vegetable: Green Chili
Cookies: Peanut Butter cookies

Unlike you, I do like celery! Spread a little Peanut Butter... Yuuummm!