Saturday, January 31, 2009

On my ipod

I have to share what I've been listening to on my ipod recently: Alan Jackson singing hymns. It's definitely folksy, borderline campy and I LOVE IT! Bub listened to it the other day too. And watching a 5 year old jammin' out to "I'll fly away" is fun enough to make your entire day. It made mine.

"What's on my nightstand?" you ask. As per my MO it's a little crowded. Here's a sampling:
-Celtic Daily Prayer
-If You Want to Walk on Water you have to get out of the Boat
-The Holy Bible
-Season's of a Mother's Heart
-Seizing Your Divine Moment
-Whirlpool (mindless suspense and brain candy)

And last but not least, "What's in my crockpot?" Today's dish features a combination of hydrogenated oils and cholesterol. That's right, I'm making some nacho dip with sausage and Velveeta for a Superbowl Party at our digs tomorrow. Feeling snubbed because you weren't invited? Please don't. It's an exclusive little get together for the people in our cell group at church. We're very chic and well-to-do, as I said the dishes I'm preparing feature hydrogenated oil. :)

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