Thursday, January 15, 2009

Homeschool Dropout

I have a bazzilion and a half things floating around in my head that I could blog about, but, as of yet, I can't seem get them organized. Here are some things I've learned in my week of NOT being a homeschool mom - in no discernable order.

-Being a stay-at-home mom of 4 kids is a full time job.

-I am an introvert. I NEED NEED NEED time to myself to process life, and that is legitimate. I am not being selfish; I am just being myself. I cannot give to others when I haven't had a chance to recharge.

-Just because 1/2 of my kids are in school doesn't mean I cease to parent...discipleship is a way of life.

-I need help. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that I can partner with teachers in educating my kids. Yes, I know people who homeschool 8 kids or more...but I am not one of those who can do it. That's okay.

-There are peices of myself that have been put on the shelf to meet the needs of my family. Someday, one by one, I may have a chance to rediscover those parts of me. I need to be patient, and hopeful.

-I am SERIOUSLY out of shape. I took a class at the fitness club yesterday, and today going up the stairs makes me want to cry like a baby.

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McHam Family said...

I know how you feel! Being a parent means sacrificing so much of yourself. I am just now starting to work out again (a whole one time a week is my GOAL but sometimes that doesn't even happen) and I have high hopes for a photography course. But like you said, it's very important to get this "me time" or I start to feel resentful... and I don't even realize it happening! I'm glad you're able to get some relief from the school. I didn't like ptuting T in preschool at first but it has been really, really nice - and the only time all week I get just to myself!