Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For the Grandparents

I've been slacking in my blogging lately, so here's one for the grandparents. It's a quick "what's up" for those who care.

-Eddie is going to travel again. He starts next week, and continues traveling every week for the foreseeable future. This time he'll be headed to northern CA.

-We're going to try to squeeze in a summer vacation and crash his business trip one week.

-I was called back for a second interview for a part time job I've been pursuing. It's a cool job; I applied on a whim. I think there were a lot of applicants, and I'm surprised it's gone this far.

-We've been hangin' with the Crocker girls while Matt and Gretch house shop in NJ. They've found some cute houses in cute subdivisions (townships?), but I'm gonna miss those Crockers.

-Tomorrow is Abby's appt. w/ the Chidren's Development Unit. Pray she acts out. Really. Because so much of the time she's sweet, but we want them to see when we see her acting "off".

-The big kids are looking forward to a camp-out with Grandpa next week.

-Caleb is the winner for the "most teeth yanked" award. He's had 3 pulled so far. He's going in for 3 more, and then, after that 6 more will get pulled. 12. sheesh. Here's a quick shout out for good dental insurance....

Kota our Hungarian Sheep Dog (aka PULI) is working on her dreadlocks, cause that's the hip look for Pulik. I'm feeling sorry for her though because her coat is so hot during the summer. We may shave her down, but then instead of looking like a tough Puli, she'll look like a poodle, and Eddie is not a fan of that look..

-Haven't even started the summer reading program for kids at the library. I want to do it, but Abby throws a fit at the library, and it's anti-motivational.

-School's back in session the 20th of August. I have a feeling we'll be shocked at how quickly that sneaks up on us.

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