Thursday, December 23, 2010

because i need to post some pictures of 2010

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO bad at documenting our existence through photography. Horrid. But we were all present for 2010. We went on summer vacation. We did stuff. We went places. Honest. More to come..

Going on a ride
yep...those are chaps; every good cowboy needs em.

We have yet to convince Emma that the dog is not her on personal baby.

CA coast
Sexy bald man hauling darling 3 year old on a hike in Moab
Pebble Beach
Davenport CA - amazingly gorgeous place
Obligatory picture at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Lake Tahoe
San Francisco

Breckenridge - we answered the question, "what happen if you add shampoo to a jetted bath tub and then turn it on?"

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