Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Suburban Chicken "Farm"

Even the Denver Post has something to say about raising chickens. Apparently, it's all the rage. Click here to read more about it. (Thanks, Song, for the link)

I have yet to convince my husbandthat we should raise chickens , but my kids are so on board. I'm allergic to almost all pets, so they bemoan their pet-free existence frequently. Chickens, I think, would make nice outdoor pets. The kids concur.

I've been tossing around name ideas. So far we've got Jennifer, Esther, and Sue.

Eddie doesn't think you should name chickens those type of names.

I wonder, would he prefer, Bambie, Lassie and Charlotte.


McHam Family said...

I agree with Eddie! No self respecting chicken was ever named Jennifer!! How about something more like Colonel Sanders??

Anonymous said...

Our friends are raising chickens in their backyard. Matt has some very strong opinions about this (similar to Eddie, as you can imagine) You do realize that they must live indoors for several months, don't you? I can confirm the fact that this doesn't smell nice.