Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Science Fair Scandal

There is a little boy in M's class who has a crush on her. She pretends to be annoyed by this, but is, actually, quite flattered. The other day M came home from school nearly crushed by grief. "Why?", you ask. Gatlin (the lovestruck 1st grader) chose to do his science fair project on the Red Fox which is the PREDATOR of a chipmunk. How could he? He knew that M chose to do a science fair on a chipmunk. Foxes eat chipmunks. M feels so betrayed.

As if that weren't enough drama my dear daughter got a five dollar gift certificate from her grandpa for Valentines Day. Very exciting! Neopets were on clearance for $5. This was clearly provision directly from the hand of God. But oh, the drama that ensued. Should it be the polka-dotted lime green unicorn? But the googly eyed bunny is so cute... How is a girl to decide? There were tears (many) and 10 minutes of heart wrenching drama in the middle of Wal-mart. So what did she decide? Ultimately, M decided on the orange and purple tiger, and second guessed herself all the way to the check-out line.

I should so totally win some kind of patient parent award.

Just one more M story.

So I bought the real "grown-up" version of UNO. The kids adore UNO. But had, up till yesterday, only played the kiddy Curious George version. The real UNO has Wild Draw 4, and Reverse, and Draw 2. This is a delightful turn of events for my cut-throat competitors. M was giddy. Literally, she was dancing on her chair (after we told her to get off the table). She stockpiled all the "mean" cards to play on her brother. She knows the point of the game is to get rid off all her cards, but she couldn't help herself. Could. Not. Help. It. She giggled and plotted, and collected, and then doled out "mean" cards at every turn. Never was a girl so happy to lose.

My M tries my patience, probably more than any other kid. I think it is because she is so invested in the moment. Her heart is tender, and volatile. She is imaginative, and talkative, and delightful. She is happy to serve, and quick to help. I love her. And I PRAY for the man who will some day fall head-over-heels for her for real.

He will have his hands full.

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Jason said...

this is hilarious. all of it. i love it.