Saturday, February 14, 2009

Telling the Stories

This morning Eddie and I hauled the kids out of the house so we could attend a leadership meeting for our church. It was good. This is why:

I heard stories. They were stories that have always been emerging, but I hadn't heard.

-I heard how Jason and Pricilla picked up and left their home to become church planters in Denver.

-I heard that Linda was taking a risk and stepping into a new role.

-I heard that Nancy is using her gifts to build a team of children's ministers and her socks are being blessed off in the process.

-I heard that Dave was being called back to being a leader, and a sheperd and vision caster, and that people were stepping up to help him manage.

-I heard that Jackie and Paul had a passion for church planting in urban Denver. They're going and we get to stand with them.

-I heard Paula's heart for making people feel loved and welcomed when they come to church.

-There is something powerful about a story. Something unique in it's ability to call me out of the ordinary and live on the edge. Because when I hear of Linda taking a risk, or Paula's love for people I want to be like them.

Jesus told stories, and it changed lives. Jesus IS the story.

He's the best story every, really. There's never been a better hero, or a greater lover, or a battle where the stakes were so high. It's the ultimate tale, and we've been invited to be a part of it. Paul and Jackie, Jason and Pricilla, Dave and Linda and Conche and Bud and Annie, they've got their place in the grand adventure. And so do I.

What's your story?

How will you be a part of the grand adventure?

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