Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is how it went down:

I remembered to turn on the crockpot. We did indeed have porridge for breakfast. We gave it a 1.5 stars out of a possible 5. It was "goopy" and the dried fruit had rehydrated into brownish tasteless blobs. The flavor was good, though (thus the 1.5 stars).

E said that it would probably be better if I just did it on the stovetop like the other times when I've forgotten to turn on the crockpot. I think he's right. But, dang it all, that totally defeats the point of making porridge in a crockpot.

It was cheap, and healthful which this is in direct contrast to the what the kids ended up eating after they decided the couldn't take any more porridge (see picture below). Hubs, out of shear desperation, went to the store to pick up some cereal. We don't send him often because he has a weakness for endcap displays and junkfood. Case in point:

We've been trying to pinch pennies around here and in a misguided attempt at economy I decided to forgo grocery shopping until there was literally nothing in the house to eat. We didn't make it...I caved. But not before Fruity Dino-Bites made it into our pantry. The kids had no idea cereal came in all those colors. They thought cereal looked like this:

Eddie, whos mother allowed "sugar cereal", finds this to be unamerican... so occasionally he rebels and my crunchy, hippy tendencies. It's okay, I forgive him because, frankly I am easily bought. Look at what he brought me this morning:


Angela said...

Ah! I LOVE it!
Sadly giving up my crock pot oatmeal until i can find a gluten free alternative...sigh. I don't know if i can do it! The gf bag I found was $11. It would last us til like...yesterday! ;)

priscilla said...

Like chocolate,
coffee covers a multitude of sins.

*proven fact in the ackerman household.*

Anonymous said...

pease porridge hot,
pease porridge cold,
pease porridge in a pot,
nine days old...