Friday, December 12, 2008

Little Children

True confession: I subscribe to Rainbow Kids waiting children e-mail update. Everyday my in-box is filled with several children who've been added to a list of children who are waiting for homes. Sometimes I cannot bear to open the emails and read the profiles of these kids. I hit delete and shoot a quick pray that these little people will find families soon.

Some days, I do read the profiles, and look at the pictures. And I am reminded that that the orphan crisis is not an abstraction. These are real children, with names, and needs, and sometimes siblings. And they NEED homes.

I want to adopt them all, which is a ridiculous impossibility.

The other day Eddie came home and saw my laptop was opened to an Ethiopian adoption blog. He said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!!" He remembers what happened last time I started reading adoption blogs. Here's a hint: it has resulted in the purchase of a Suburban and countless Cheerios on our dining room floor.

Truth is, it makes me nervous too! I'm sorta maxed out; adoption seems absurd. But I cannot help that my heart breaks for these little people. So here's the thing: if this blog tempts you to check out an adoption blog, or go see all the waiting children photolisted on Rainbow Kids, DO IT! If there is room in your heart, or your house, or your car for one of the least of these....consider adoption. It has been one of the scariest, most costly, incredible blessings of our life.

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