Thursday, April 9, 2009

With Christ in the School of Prayer

Good Book.

Read it years ago.

Might read it again soon.

A quote to whet the appetite:

"Teach us to pray with power, too! The promises are for us; the powers and the gifts of the heavenly world are for us. O teach us to pray so that we may receive abundantly!"

My other "must read" suggestion is the biography of George Mueller (published by YWAM). We read it aloud as a family (yep, we're that cool). Ed was hooked. I was hooked. My kids loved it.

Our new hero is George.

Forget that dated, "I wanna be like Mike." campaign slogan. I wanna be like George. He rocked the house, that is for a Prussian dude who was born a couple hundred years ago.

The man could pray.

He knew what it was to walk with God, and live in faith.

As for me and my house, we wanna be like George.

Excuse the absolute and total randomness of this post. I didn't mean to blog about George or Andrew Murray, for that matter.

I meant to blog about me. Far more fascinating, don't you think?

Here's the scoop: I might be crawling out from underneath my stay-at-home mom rock, and be joining the land of the living, or at least the land of the gainfully employed.

I interviewed at the kid's school yesterday and was hired...mostly. For a job...part time, I think, unless it's full-time. I will be a teacher's aid for early elementary, unless I'm not. In which case I might teach 6th grade science and social studies and secondary Language Arts.

It was a confusing interview.

We're still working out the details. Clearly.

I had a bout of insecurity about this, as per my MO. I asked Eddie, "What if I suck at being a elementary school aid?" He laughed at me. Laughed. At. Me. To my face, no less.

The pay is crap. (I mean ah...demonstrates my commitment to ministering to children)

But I have the same hours as the kids, and mothering can still be my priority. Plus, let's not forget the discount on tuition. It sounds fun. And I am excited...but still have some concerns...most of which center around a certain brown eyed girl just shy of 2.

...who might be emptying a bottle of baby shampoo on the carpet....gotta run.

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