Friday, April 18, 2008

Truth is...I'm a nerd

Today, I had a blessed day off;I haven't talked to a kid since 9:00 this morning. To my great delight, my husband messed up my plans by inviting me to lunch. I was going to clean the house, and a date with my sweetie was an easy sell.

So what have I done with the rest of my time off? Well, I was nearly giddy to discover that Hubby's new office is literally across the street from the Tattered Cover Book Store, and I had free parking. I just roamed through the stacks, and then I camped out in an antique chair flipping through a book I had no intention of buying. That place has got to be one of my favorite places on the planet. Next stop, the Christian Book Store, and now I'm at the library typing this. If 3 book stores in one day without any purchases doesn't qualify me for nerd status I don't know what would.

But if your still not sold I let you in on this little secret. When I was a student at CU I loved going to the library for fun. I particularly liked it on the 3rd floor of the literature stacks. There were a bunch of antique books and it just smelled old and dusty. I would find an empty corner and curl up with a good book, or even a mediocre one.

I've got to go get the kids in a few minutes and only have a few minutes more to look through stuff...

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