Monday, February 4, 2008

True Confessions

I confess; I love country music. I often listen to the country station in the car. The other day a kid in that back piped up, "Hey, Mom, what does it mean that the guy in the song wants a "domestic, light and cold"? Now, there is a question for ya. Anyway, is spawned a great conversation about alchohol and why people drink it. We talked about addiction, and what it means to be a wine connoisuer. We talked about using balance and wisdom. It was one of those moments that I was glad I was there to be the one to answer the questions.

I did have more trouble explaining why a guy in the other song sang that "it get's hotter when the Sun goes down." E pointed out that, scientifically speaking, this is just not accurate. "Yeah, your right, maybe the guy was confused..." was my brilliant comeback. Some discussion will have to wait.

I try not to let the kids listen to KYGO (our country music station) when I'm not there to filter it for them. But they do like country music now, and the lyrics are a far cry from worship songs. So what's the balance?

Another example: This morning we talked about homelessness. I told the kids that there are kids who live in the Metro area that dig through trash looking for their next meal. It's true. Bub was stunned, and disgusted. It's heavy stuff for a little guy, and truly we didn't dwell on it. But I cannot bring myself to insulate my kids from all the ugliness in the world. They are sheltered, but they should know that it's not all sunshine and roses. We live in a fallen world. Plus, it did get him to eat his Rice Crispies even though he was sure that he got fewer strawberries in his than his siblings. Yeah, I stooped that low. You would have too, if you'd heard the griping.

Parenting today is a challenge. It takes wisdom and sensitivity. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I bomb.


Anonymous said...

I will definitely have to re-read all your blog entries when I become a mom're so wise when you explain very delicate matters to young children. Kudos to super mom! :)
-Kari S

Anonymous said...

I like country music too! You should try 92.5 The Wolf, I like it better than KYGO.