Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cute Picture I Can't Post

Imagine that you're seeing a cute picture of four kids dressed in Halloween costumes. The seven year old is a GI-Joe, the 5 year old is Pokahantas (sp?), the 4 year old is a cowboy, the baby is a cow. (We are sincerely hoping that that dressing her as a cow will not cause self-esteem issues later, but my sister dressed her daughter as an elephant, so maybe we can get a discount on group therapy.) Anyway, they're really cute, and I can't post the picture b/c baby isn't technically ours. Kinda annoying, but we knew what we were in for. The thing is baby thinks she's ours. She coos and babbles until she captures my attention and then she giggles, and when her daddy walks in she shoots him a million dollar smile. Some day the courts will catch up with her and we will be a forever family.


3rsandahug said...

Six years ago, M was a cow and J a cowboy, too! Then we switched the next year - she was a cowgirl and he was the cow. Maybe next year Baby gets to be a cowgirl and everyone else is her herd.

curlyjo said...

That's a fabulous idea! Sometimes I feel like they are my own herd.