Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Baby Bath and a Soap Box

There is nothing quite so cute as a naked baby. Babies, particularly my baby, have dimples everywhere. Fingers. Toes. Tush. Never again will rolls on the thighs and a Bhudda belly to match be adorable.

I have taken up the habit of plopping baby in the kitchen sink for her bath. It's efficient, and when you've got 4 kids you do what works. She looks so cute, all pugey and splashing. I think to myself everytime I plop her in sink that I really should take a picture. But soapy babies are slippery, so I don't exactly have a hand free to do photography. I doubt I could capture her innocence anyway. And pictures can't capture the delicious smell of baby shampoo on a warm and wiggly little person.

Everytime I change Baby's diaper now she starts to squeal in delight. She knows I will kiss her tummy, and it makes her giggle. She puts her hands out for me to kiss. I always do; she loves it. And I think, "How'd I get to be so lucky." Her chocolate colored eyes look at me with such love. I am her Mommy. And she is mine.

Sometimes when I look at Baby I am surprised that she doesn't look like me. She's got her birthmom's nose and her birthdad's coloring. I know how she came to us. She is our only "paper pregnancy", but sometimes I forget. My heart is knit to hers in the same way that my biological children are bound to me. The bond is the same, the genes are different.

Knowing the situation, and knowing that Baby is technically our foster daughter someone asked, "How does it feel to be taking care of someone else's kid?" do I answer that one. She's mine; it feels like taking care of my child. Yes, I know she doesn't technically belong to us yet, but every kid deserves to "belong" to someone. God gave her to us to love. We do. End of Story. Kinda dumb question. Adoption builds families. I know that some people fear that they won't love a child brought to them through adoption in the same way that they will love a bio child. That's nuts. Love is love is love.

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