Friday, May 13, 2011

4 year old in the house.

It's Abby's birthday today. She's 4, and my how time flies. Just yesterday we brought her home, it seems.

Birthday festivities were simple, b/c simple is the best plan for Abby. We had hot dogs, watermelon and french fries for dinner. Her choice. Then we ate Umizoomi Birthday cake and opened presents. It was just the 6 of us and she was happy with that. I am not a lover of birthday party planning.I hate it. So it does my heart good to prepare a simple little affair for Abby and know that it was the best possible choice for her as well. Motherhood sans guilt, it doesn't happen often so I enjoy the moments when they come.

Abby is a challenge. She is. So it helps that she is so stinking cute I cannot stay frustrated. Plus, she is so loving and sweet. Her trouble with transitions and sensory input sometimes hide the kindness and goodness that motivate her. Abby just wants to please, and shines with affirmation. She finds pleasure in the simple things and has just about the best belly laugh I've ever heard. She is affectionate and silly and absolutely crummy at holding a grudge. We so love her and feel so blessed she is part of our family.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

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