Friday, September 4, 2009

When Peace Like a River...

Yesterday a thing happened.

It was a thing among many, globally speaking. But on a personal basis it was big, and sad.

My cousin died.

I don't have a lot of facts about what happended yet, and it doesn't really matter how many facts I get in the end. Because, facts or no facts her story never got the "happily ever after" of the fairy tales.

My cousin was bright; brilliant even. She was funny, and quirky and, did I mention she was quirky. She had beautiful brown eyes, and a sweet face. She was a voracious reader with an appetite for knowledge that I have rarely seen equaled.

But my cousin's life was filled with pain, and sorrow, and brokenness, and disease. Her's is a sad story...incomplete, and too quickly ended.

It makes no sense.

So tonight, when it doesn't make sense to me I'll trust that it does make sense to HIM. Just because I can't see the "happily ever after", doesn't mean the prince forgot to come.
He did.
He will.
He is.

And my cousin knows that better than anyone this side of gloryland.

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Anonymous said...

Very sweet, and oh soooo accurate. Thank you for writing this...brought me to tears. I will miss Shelley Lynne quirky niece.